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Adding insulation to your residential or commercial project is one of the most important steps you can take to improve energy performance and lessen environmental impact. When selecting an insulation material, the most important environmental consideration is its performance and suitability for your application. ComfyMax Insulation's experienced staff will guide you through choosing the right insulation for your requirements.

Comfymax Insulation is a full service insulation contractor who is able to provide insulation removal and insulation installation for your home or business.

Our services include ceilings, walls, underfloor, building foil, new construction and remodels. If you need it insulated…we can do it efficiently, quickly and affordably. We only supply the best materials, and strive for excellence in service…all the time.

Our staff are professional and explain things to you in a way that you can understand, and you will feel good about your decision to insulate your home or business.


Thermal Insulation

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Foil Batts

EPS (FOAM) Underfloor Batts

Cavity Wall Insulation (retrofit)

Premium Performance Thermal

Insulation Boards (XPS, PIR